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Third book review from Readers' Favorite with a 5 star rate !

Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Master Chinese Business Culture by Qingshun Zou is a business book that gives readers insights into Chinese business culture.

In this book, the author offers a fresh understanding of China, its people, culture, and mindset, offering information that will surprise readers and even contradict most of what they hear daily in the media about China. A lot is being written and said about China and it seems that everyone has an idea of what China is, especially now that China is taking center stage in the global economy at a time that many nations are struggling with economic, social, environmental, and political challenges. The author lifts the veil to reveal the China that many people are not aware of, discussing what China is and feels like today, the link between Chinese culture and business, business etiquette, and Confucianism. In this book, Qingshun Zou shares her personal experience growing up in mainland China and offers insights into the successes that China continues to score in the business world. While many unenlightened people will see China as imperialist in a bid for world take-over, anyone who understands China will see a concrete link between the Chinese business culture and its economic influence and expansion.

What drives the Chinese quest to conquer new lands and businesses? In this book, the author shares insights and information on social, cultural, and political systems. Qingshun Zou discusses aspects of economic development, including international trade, infrastructure and technology, and more.

This is a comprehensive book that discusses Chinese business culture and readers will understand the different cultural trends exhibited in the various regions, from Beijing to Shanghai, to Guangdong, to Qinghai and Inner Mongolia.

Master Chinese Business Culture is a well-researched book that provides information readers need to understand in how the Chinese do business, their mindset, and singular drive. It will shift our perspective on China and change the way we deal with the Chinese.

June 26th, 2021


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