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Originally from China, tea is mainly produced in Asia and Africa but consumed daily worldwide. However, this consumption rarely evokes the uniqueness and the richness of Chinese tea culture.

For the Chinese, tea has never been simply a drink of pleasure—it represents history, health, custom, art, and philosophy. Being aware of these different value dimensions allows us to better appreciate Chinese tea and consider it more relevantly in our future social, economic, and commercial projects, opening the way to many promising opportunities.

Seeking to stimulate reflection, this work presents a global vision of Chinese tea, from its culture to its industry. It offers long-ignored knowledge, evokes little-known realities, and addresses new subjects for those who wish to venture into the world of Chinese tea culture as informed consumers or enlightened entrepreneurs.

Learning about the current challenges facing the Chinese tea industry and tapping into its ongoing innovations, we can gain much-needed insight into the direction in which it is going in this millennium and beyond.

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Table of Contents
Chapter One - Introduction
Chapter Two - Chinese Tea Culture
Tea Therapy
Tea Custom
Tea Ceremony
Philosophy of Tea
Chapter Three - Understanding Chinese Tea
Choosing Tea
Tea Preparation
Tea Utensils (Cha Ju)
Tea Collecting
Chapter Four - China's Tea Industry
Evaluation Standards
Tea Brands
Domestic Market
Chapter Five - Conclusion
Author Biography
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Second edition in French, prefaced by Pascal Ordonneau, has been published by publishing house La Route de la Soie Éditions Paris

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We live in a time of multiple changes and dramatic upheavals. The world is at a historical turning point. The Western economic sector is facing unprecedented challenges. At the dawn of its growing influence, understanding China accurately is urgent. Mastering the Chinese business culture should be a priority. Assimilating Chinese business strategy, as taught in The Art of War and played in Wéi qí, is paramount. For Western companies, applying this knowledge in their relations with their Chinese partners is critical to achieving long-term business success with China.


This practical guide reveals so many Chinese realities that are often unknown or ignored. It invites its readers to perceive China from a cultural point of view. The main topics covered are: China today, cross-cultural management in business implementation, Chinese business etiquette, and the impact of Confucianism. It provides information, analysis and recommendations in the hope that it will contribute to a better understanding between the West and the East, the West and China.

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ISBN 978-2-9701499-7-2

French edition:

ISBN 978-2-9701499-6-5

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