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Qingshun Zou is a seasoned international business consultant specializing in economic, commercial and cultural exchanges between Europe and China. Certified member of International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE New York), She is the author of the book "Master Chinese Business Culture – becoming a China expert," published in May 2021.

As a business consultant, Qingshun leverages her vast experience in international business development to offer guidance in a multicultural environment. She led a training program called "Master Chinese Business Culture" in collaboration with the Geneva Business Management University. Founder of Sino Swiss Business Alliance Development Sàrl, she supports European and Chinese organizations and businesses in various projects, providing cross-cultural management training, advisory services on business strategy, management, and development.

Besides her expertise in business, Qingshun is an amateur musician passionate about European and Chinese cultures. She serves as a board member of the renowned Geneva International Music Competition.

Swiss national originally from Beijing, Qingshun grew up in Guangzhou in southern China before moving to Canada to study business management at St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. She later embarked on a successful career starting from Swiss watch industry, through venturing into entrepreneurship, eventually becoming CEO of the Swiss subsidiary of a European pharmaceutical group (Esteve Group), a position she held for over 15 years.

Qingshun Zou


International Business Consultant

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