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Second review from Readers' Favorite with a rate of 5 stars !

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Reviewed By Tammy Ruggles for Readers’ Favorite

Master Chinese Business Culture by Qingshun Zou is the ultimate guide to understanding all aspects of Chinese business, from how culture plays into strategies to how Confucianism fits into the scheme of things.

It's no secret and is becoming quite clear on the global economic scene that China is a major player but other countries, including the United States, aren't always sure of how to relate to China on a cultural level, and doing so would be to everyone's advantage. This is where Zou's book comes in. She expertly and concisely gives an overview of Chinese culture and how it relates to their business theories and practices. If you want an insider's look at how China operates in the business sector, this is a definite read. If you expect a dry, boring lecture about business, you will be pleasantly surprised, because Zou has written an enlightening book in an engaging style. Her practical advice makes so much sense and will appeal to anyone who likes reading about other cultures and how they compare or contrast to their own.

China is just like any other country in that it has its own way of doing things but is as unique as any other country with its own customs and approach to business. Culture and Confucian philosophy are of utmost importance in China, so it would only make sense for other countries to get a handle on how and why they use culture in business.

I like how Zou gently sets the record straight on China's goals and methods, hoping that her book will help define and clarify the misunderstandings that exist between East and West. I also like how she demonstrates the similarities that exist between the two and urges readers to concentrate on those rather than any differences that may exist.

Personally, I think this book will go a long way toward healing any wounds and fostering a more positive outlook and relationship with China. As you read, you will think and understand from a Chinese viewpoint, from politics to branding to 6G, and will see how their culture has played into some of the most successful business endeavors in the world.

If China rises to be the top economic force in the world, Master Chinese Business Culture by Qingshun Zou is the perfect business tool to use.

June 24th, 2021


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