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Book review from Readers' Favorite: rated 5 stars out of 5 !

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Reviewed By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

What the world once called a sleeping giant has now awakened to exert its dominance in the global economy, and this giant is catching everyone’s attention. China has a staggering market potential that is appealing to foreign investors. However, the cultural disparity between the East and West remains a formidable barrier when it comes to ensuring a smooth business relationship.

Master Chinese Business Culture by Qingshun Zou will help you navigate your path toward a keener understanding of Chinese business practices and ethical considerations that go with it.

Zou debunks the myth that Western and Chinese political leaders do not share the same values. While China has the mystique that remains elusive to many Westerners, the Confucian philosophy that regulates China’s social and business relationships operates on the same values such as love, peace, justice, and freedom.

China continues to evolve dramatically as you read this book, but rest assured that Qingshun Zou’s work encapsulates the essentials and developments taking place in her homeland. She has written a practical and indispensable guide that Western and non-Chinese business people can use. It is a framework for the understanding of all structures relating to Chinese business practices like branding, meetings, organizations, language, and the context of the business itself.

The impact of Confucianism in Chinese business will help you understand how it influences business dealings, and this is crucial for Western firms.

Master Chinese Business Culture is an objective take on its subject matter and sets aside any critical standpoints. Whether you are planning to clinch deals with the Red Dragon or are simply fascinated by its business culture, this book is your absolute guide.

June 18th, 2021


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